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Medical Homeopathy

HomeopathyIt is a word that comes from the Greek (homoios = similar; pathos = disease).


Homeopathy is themedicine basedmainly in thelaw of similarity, which states that a substance is only capable of curing in the sick those symptoms that it is capable of producing in the healthy man. This therapeutic method was developed by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician from the early 19th century.

The fundamental principles of homeopathy are: la law of similarity, la pure experimentation, las infinitesimal doses, la vital force y the individualization.

At Neuronda we offer individualized homeopathic care for each patient and alternative medical advice.

Homeopathic treatment is indicated fortreat and prevent:

- Stimulates the body's healing capacity to restore and maintain health

- Acute and chronic illnesses, physical and mental, in children and adults

- Diseases or disorders in pregnant women, athletes and students

- Disorders of childbirth, lactation and the baby

aremedyeffective to improve yourquality of life

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