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You don't have to be bad to be better!

La Chiropractic It is a health profession recognized in most of the developed countries of the world.  It is about improving the body's ability to heal itself and stay healthy. People go to a chiropractor for many reasons, including to...

  • Relieve pain,  nervousness and stress symptoms

  • Improve sleep, digestion or mobility

  • Feel good and enjoy life more

TheComprehensive Chiropractic that we use at Onda Vital is based on a set of methods. It combines physical/energetic techniques with the teaching of personal practices that empower the client to take a more active role in their own improvement.

NSA(Network Spinal Analysis) is an advanced and at the same time very gentle technique. It helps the body learn to recognize and correct patterns of tension and distortion that prevent its proper functioning and that are at the root of so much pain and discomfort.  Help your body toregain their natural state of health to enjoy life with less pain, less stress and more flexibility and energy!

Resosenseis a personal practice developed by David Biddle, DC, here in Mallorca. It takes advantage of the phenomenon of resonance to balance and improve the body in many ways. With just a few minutes a day, lying down, and a gentle movement, amazing changes are generated.

It's the perfect complement to the NSA.

To start with us, we do an initial evaluation in two visits. This way we can understand both the problems and the goals of each client to maximize the success of their treatment.

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